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Unilution  >>>  Pen Shape Wi Fi Finder

Pen Shape Wi Fi Finder
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This Wi-Fi finder is perfect for any traveler or mobile worker. It's a fully functional ballpoint pen. This sleek gadget is the perfect tool for finding wireless hotspots, airport base stations, wireless access points, or any other 802.11 B/G network! The product is powered by 2 AG13 replaceable batteries (batteries are included). Easy to use, just push down the button and watch as the green LED lights sweep up and down. When the LED lights stop sweeping and remain lit, you have located a (802.11b/g) access point within 150 feet. The more LED lights that stay lit, the stronger the signal. If the green lights do not stop sweeping then there is no Wi-Fi service. Change your location and use the Wi-Fi Finder again until you are able to locate a Wi-Fi network

  • Operation: Push The Side Button, Wait A Few Seconds And The Green Lights Will Show Signal Presence
  • Detects Signals Up To 150 Meters Away (492 Feet) Outdoors; 30 Meters (98 Feet) Indoors
  • Signal Detection May Vary According To Surrounding Environment And The Power Of AP
  • No Need To Boot Up Your Notebook To Find A Signal
  • This WiFi Pen Is Powered By A Replaceable Battery (Included With The Pen)
  • Fully Functional Ball-Point Ink Pen That Provides Smooth Writing In Black Ink
  • Frequency 2.400 - 2.483GHz
  • Regulation IEEE 802.11 b/g
  • Operating Voltage DC 2.6 - 3.3V
  • Power source: 2 * AG13
  • Style: 89108
  • Condition: Brand New in Sealed Package

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